Five Tools for Clearer Skin

March 2, 2016

I have had problems with my complexion, since about 4th grade. Yes, I was shocked and horrified as well. I used to pick at my face so much that our priest once asked me if I had been in a sledding accident. Yes, that is a true story. He wasn’t a great priest, and I probably did look like I’d taken a cheese grater to my face. That is not a good image. Perhaps most disappointing, is that I had thought that having acne so early in life would mean it would go away by the time I was done with high school. Wrong-o. Now I’m just hoping that my oily skin will help stave off wrinkles longer. That’s not true either. I’m just trying to make myself feel like there is a point to it. Pimples are like mosquitos. Why the do they even exist?

Lucky for you, 16 years of uneven skin allows for lots of trial and error, and over time I’ve narrowed my product list down to a handful of items that actually work. Now, just because something works for me, doesn’t mean it will work for you, BUT these items are also very well reviewed, so if you are as desperate I have been, these might just be up your alley!


Clarisonic: Exfoliating is your best friend. Dead skin cells lead to clogged pores and we all know where that gets you. Dirty dull skin, way to prone to breakouts. There are a lot of exfoliators out there, but I think this one is the best. It’s a little bit on the spendy side, so if you are looking for alternatives, the Norwex clothes are awesome, and Neutrogena sells a smaller exfoliator.

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue: I started using this about a year ago and it has been wonderful. It matches my skin really well and doesn’t leave that orange-y tint that a lot of foundations do. It is super light and works double duty providing coverage and hydration with a 30 SPF. It can make your skin look a little shiny, but powder on top does the trick. I cannot live without this stuff!

Bare Minerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment: This is one of my favorite tools in my arsenal, and I always turn to it during that time each month when my face decides to break out like I’m back in junior high. I swear I wake up each morning and my complexion looks better. It doesn’t rub off on your pillows or sheets either. I will often wear it as my makeup for a little color if I just need to run errands on the weekend.

Clarins Face Lotion: I just started using this moisturizer. It is tinted and builds color over time, so I love it during the winter months to keep from looking totally washed out. I often use it only every other day and alternate with the Bare Minerals Combination Lotion to avoid getting too dark during the winter, because that just looks freakin weird.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair: I saw this recommended a while ago and decided to give it a shot. It comes at a hefty price, but lasts me almost a year. I am not so worried about wrinkles right now, and honestly these creams and serums hardly work for wrinkles anyway (you have to turn to lasers, botox, or Retin-A for that ladies), but it has made my skin look a lot healthier and fresher in the mornings.

So there you have it, my absolute favorite skin products! Ultimately, your skin’s best friends are lots of water and a healthy diet. I totally believe that an inside-out approach to skin care is best, but when you need a helping hand, these products are bomb-dot-com!

What are the products you can’t live without?!?! Let me know!

XOXO – Emmy Lou Lou


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