April 25, 2016





Hey guys! Hope you had an awesome weekend! Andrew and I had a pretty mellow weekend with all of the rainy weather. We had a cookout with my brother-in-law on Saturday, and yesterday we went to Jungle Book at the theater. It is one of Andrew’s absolute favorite childhood movies. I’m more partial to the Lion King, but the movie was very well done and the graphics were phenomenal. If you have little kids, I’d highly recommend it. Our theater just did a major overhaul on their interior and now have leather reclining seats. Andrew and I were in the second row, so being able to lean back came in quite handy. The only problem was the chairs were so comfy I started dozing off in the middle of the movie. (Sadly, this is not too uncommon!) We have a habit of saying we are going to go to a movie and then getting too busy to get there, so it was awesome that we followed through. Go us!

Anyway, this is a site I came across recently, and it’s pretty awesome. Skinny Ms. is a great source for healthy eating recipes along with lots of other health and fitness information including weight loss plans and fitness routines. I’ve mostly used it for the recipes, but I fully intend to delve more deeply into it! Check her out!

Thanks for stopping by!

XOXO – Emmy Lou Lou

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