Spring Produce

March 10, 2016

There is something about spring. That fresh air, the long awaited appearance of the sun after what has felt like 6 months of hibernation, and not having to bundle up and wear 500 layers. After months of living in sweatpants and hoodies and indulging in every comfort food on the face of the planet, the change in weather has me choosing strawberries instead of cookies, and salads instead of pasta. It could also be that spring and summer bring shorts and tank tops, and I have a short spurt of motivation to get in shape for summer. Probably that.


Nothing is worse than paying an arm and a leg for produce that doesn’t taste amazing. That’s what happens when I buy fruits and veggies out of season – an empty wallet, and a less than subpar bunch of asparagus. What is the deal with that wimpy, thin stuff? Buying in season means I’m saving way more money, and getting better tasting and more nutritious food.

Below I’ve put together a list of all of the produce that tends to be in season in the spring! This is my favorite season for fruits and veggies and there is a ton to choose from!

XOXO – Emmy Lou Lou


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