Staying Fit Through the Holidays

December 18, 2015

Every year, I feel like from Thanksgiving to Christmas I enter a never-ending food coma. I mean, I truly enjoy it, but after 4 weeks of sugar on sugar, I start feeling it, and my jeans betray me. And I’m like, “Well yoga pants are my new best friends anyway.” And pretty soon we are into March and I’m still cherishing my little food baby. This year, I am really trying to stay relatively healthy throughout the holiday season, in some ways this has been an epic fail, but at least I haven’t already thrown in the towel. That is a great success in my book. Here are some techniques I’m using to stay on track.

Have a plan. This is by far the best thing I have done this season. I plan out what I am going to be munching on and allow for some type of sweet each day.  This doesn’t always work for everyone – some people need to drop chocolate like a bad habit. But I can’t do this or I end up like the angry folks on those Snicker’s commercials – my husband doesn’t like that so he makes sure to enable me every chance he gets. Plan is key!

Incorporate protein into every meal. I honestly don’t eat that much meat – like maybe once or twice a week, but it really helps me to stay full. Especially during the winter when cold salads just aren’t cutting it for me, having some warm chicken really helps to keep me satisfied. Have at least some form of protein at each meal – sometimes I might inhale a jar of peanut butter. Just kidding, kinda. Don’t judge.

Don’t go to parties hungry. Whenever we go to family get togethers, I try to have fruits and veggies before we leave, and drink lots of water. This helps me to make healthy choices because I’m not blinded by the desire for sugar. The struggle is real. My strategy is to have a couple things that are probably not the greatest for me but look delicious and then eat fresh produce. Sometimes it works, sometimes my mother-in-law’s chex mix is just too good.

Stay active. I know, I know. It’s getting cold, the couch looks so much more welcoming, the tree is sparkling. I get it. Really I do. But staying active can help so much. Even just a walk for 45 minutes. Just do it peeps.

Get your sleep and stay zen. I know this seems kinda weird, but stress and sleep deprivation trigger hormones in your body that increase your appetite. Being tired also lowers your willpower. I know it’s hard around the holidays with all the craziness, but try your best. Sleep, pilates, and a good book are my jam.

So those are just a few recommendations. If you have your own, please share. But seriously, please.

XOXO – Emmy Lou Lou

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