Winter Running Tights

October 29, 2015
Well, sadly it is about that time of year folks. Today we experienced the first day in Minnesota where I was legitimately thinking I will need to wear long tights for my upcoming runs. I wish my emotions could be portrayed to you with sad music as you read this. I hate winter.
I have a lot of running tights, and some of them are definitely better than others. Above are some of this year’s tights that I think sound like the best. My absolute favorites are my North Face Winter Warm running tights. They are my go-to tights when we are in sub zero temps. You really do have to tailor your preferences based on how cold of weather you will be running in. I also love the cold weather gear line by under armor. Their tights have fleece on the inside and are also a great option.
Winter running for me is always about minimizing my excuses. With great gear to keep you warm, it helps make those jaunts a little less daunting!
1. Top Left: New Balance Running Tights
2. Top Middle: H&M Running Tights
3. Top Right: North Face Isotherm Tights
4. Bottom Left: Under Armor Heat Gear Tights
4. Bottom Middle: North Face Winter Warm Tights 
5. Bottom Right: Nike Pro Warm Tights
XOXO – Emmy Lou Lou

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